Port operation specifications

Port of Härnösand: quay and fairway info

  • ro/ro quay length 300 m
  • ISPS area fully fenced (inner port)
  • Oil quay 65 m with draft of 10,3 m.
  • Vessels up to 200 m with DWT up to 50.000
  • General fairway and port entrance: maximum allowable vessel draft on ro/ro-quay 7,5 m (no restriction on vessel width)
  • Outside storage area capacity 50.000+ m2

HärnöSteve: equipment and fleet options

  • Lifts up to 300 tons from cargo hold
  • Skidding of cargo from vessel to quay
  • Jack-up systems available
  • 110 tons lifting capacity by restackers
  • Trailer capacity of single movements 600+ tons
  • door-to-door, vessel-to-door operations
  • Fleet of 300+ special built trailers for oversize and heavy cargo transports

Cargo handling 2021/2022:

  • 4000+ heavy and oversize component handled. Unloading from vessel, transport to storage, reloading from storage.
  • 4000+ heavy and oversize components quality inspected